A mosque is being built in the area organized by the Islamic Council of Panchevo, at 19 Lava Tolstoga Street. The project also envisages building a new place for ablution, a space in which women can perform prayers, a small library, an apartment for the imam, an office for employees of the Islamic Council in Panchevo, and a commercial premises along the street.

On the plot of land purchased in 2008, the building was in poor construction. Due to the age of the building purchased (60 years), the dilapidated materials from which it was built, as well as due to poor construction, the building required continuous long-term work and complete reconstruction.

Since 2015, due to the impossibility of obtaining a building permit, the Council of the Muslim Community of Panchevo has requested a permit for renewal – maintenance of investment. After obtaining a permit and commencing repair work, the building collapsed.

The attempt to build a new facility, due to the lack of a building permit, was prevented by the construction inspection. After the official letter of the Council of the Islamic Community of Pancevo to the Waqf Directorate – Baitul Mal, a new project was made, which was accepted by the Municipality of Panchevo. The procedure for obtaining a location permit has been initiated by the competent utility companies from Panchevo, after which it is certain to obtain a construction permit, which will enable the continuation of the planned construction.

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