Bayt al-mal means cash register, place of property.
The property system prescribed to people by Allah - the Creator of everything, is the only original property system, and as such, it is the only one that is completely fair. This means that it was established with a completely fair goal, and whoever pursues it in his life can hope for good and salvation. It is necessary, therefore, for the pleasure of Allah, and our salvation with Him, to achieve the cleanest, fairest and most equal, acquisition and redistribution of property in our Islamic community of Serbia.

Sincere Muslims – Submissive to Allah Himself, in their property relations, they have always strived to implement this regulation by the principle of the obligation to use and utilize all property by all people, so that it would not remain only in the hands of the wealthy . in the brightest times of mankind, that principle contributed to its rebirth.




Significance of waqf and bayt al-mal in the Islamic community for the Muslims of Serbia

Vakuf and Batemal Executive Service of the Islamic Community of Serbia (endowment-property executive service of maintenance and redistribution of immovable and movable property / assets / rights of the Islamic Community, Muslim community of Serbia) *

we are an institution whose officials, by the authorities in the Islamic community of Serbia, are entrusted with the duty of performing the God-prescribed proper acquisition and fair use and redistribution of property, income on various, halal permitted grounds. This property is the property of the Muslim Community of the Republic of Serbia (Islamic Community of Serbia) and is used to maintain the community itself and help needy Muslims in the Republic of Serbia, regardless of their citizenship or country of origin, and their status in the Republic of Serbia. Assistance can be provided to all vulnerable people, regardless of their country of residence, their religion, gender, race and any other determinant.

In the organization of the Islamic community of Serbia, Waqf and Bayt Al-Mal represent what in one country is represented by the National Bank, the Ministry of Finance and the Institute for State Real Estate of that country.
The Constitution and laws within the Islamic community of Serbia are based on the Qur'an as the basic precept and sunnah of God's ultimate messenger and prophet, Muhammad aS, as a guide for understanding and lifelong application of the Divine Qur'anic precept.
The Lawgiver is our Merciful Creator, through His Qur'anic Revelation and through His final Prophet, Muhammad aS.

The legislative body in IZS is the Supreme Assembly (Majlis Eala), which is currently a unicameral parliament, and it is planned that in the near future, with God's help, it will be bicameral, consisting of an upper house, an administrative council (Majlis Shura) and the lower house, the Muslim following (Majlis Jama'at), representatives from Serbian districts.
Patronage of the operations of all, including the VIB property service of the IZS, falls under the burden and mandatory duty of the law-enforcing and governing body of the community, the Supreme Assembly (VS) of the IZS, with its president at the head, whose members direct their decisions based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah community in the original, Creator's, direction.

The Supreme Assembly entrusts all duties and obligations to confident, loyal to the Creator-trustworthy, learned, capable, ready, expert and willing persons, to execute and implement in the most correct way, in the manner dearest to the Creator, the duties entrusted to them in: 1. supervisory, 2. sheri' administrative-legal-judicial services, which operate within the framework of the SC itself, as well as in: 3. executive services, ri Rijaset-management of executive services, which is headed by the elected and authorized Reisu-l-ulema IZS, president of the Rijaset of executive services.
Reis IZS, through the Rijaset of the executive services of the IZS, manages the work of all the executive services, with which the manager's assistants are the trustees, and with each of his associates, the associate managers of all the services of the Rijaset (subsequently mentioned) and also from the VIB service of the IZS, whose arrangement and operation we present here.

The SC, on the proposal of the elected Reis, in accordance with the Qur'an and the Sunnah, elects, appoints, authorizes, entrusts and appoints members of supervisory commissions for the work of each executive service in all specific areas, including the VIB services of the IZS.

Sharia court

Majlis Shura ulema - Professional Administrative Council as the upper house of the Parliament, in the event of possible litigation violations and disputes within the body of the IZS, from among its professional members or, if necessary, from the ranks of external members, elects, appoints, authorizes, entrusts and appoints judicial judges 'Attic, independent trusteeship, in charge of adjudication, in accordance with the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

Reisu-l-ulema and Riyaset

The Supreme Assembly of IZS establishes an electoral body for the election of Reisu-l-ulema, made up of members of both houses, mufiis, deans of faculties, directors of madrasahs, chief imams and Muslims, schedules the day and time of the election, after which it schedules the day and time of handing over the mensura and proclaims his empowerment and entry into this honorable service to the Merciful Creator during the leadership of Rijaset.

Executive services of Rijaset IZS and its managers
The executive offices of Rijaset IZS are:
  1. Ikra service-educational service of IZS;
  2. Wakf and Baitmal service, IZS property service;
  3. Halal service - economic service of IZS;
  4. Merhamet service - charitable service of the IZS;
  5. Gajret service – cultural and media service of IZS;
  6. Trust service – legal-political-security service of the IZS;
  7. Hajj and Umrah service - pilgrimage service of IZS.

Managers and collaborators in those services are appointed by the Supreme Assembly of IZS, on the proposal of Reisu-l-ulema.

Waqf and Baitmal service of IZS

The authorized Waqf and Baitmal service of the IZS, according to Allah's Laws, for the salvation, correctness and well-being of the IZS, acquires and carries out the maintenance, use and redistribution of income assets, movable and immovable, through its local subsidiaries at each local-Jemaat board, wherever in R Muslims live in Serbia.
This has achieved and enabled the correct operation of all IZS services at the levels of: management and entrustment, execution, supervision and adjudication.

Sources of income

Sources of income for a community of God-loving Muslims within their country can be:
  1. Contributions: God-bound and God-recommended and voluntary (teberruaat), halal sources-derived contributions, submitted by willing and well-meaning individuals and legal-business entities, of any religious belief, primarily Muslims, whether they are citizens of the Republic of Serbia or that they are from abroad;
  2. rights: the property rights of VIB IZS and all its extensions, on various halal - God-permitted, grounds, with business associates, whether they are individuals or legal-business entities from the community and religious denomination itself or outside it, whether they are from R of Serbia or that they are from abroad;
  3. endowment: for a certain halal purpose or purpose without certain exact purposes and purposes, benevolent (halal) and voluntary endowment, acquired from halal sources, willing individuals or legal-business entities from the community or religion itself or outside it, whether they are from R of Serbia or that they are from abroad;
  4. projects: various, from the Gracious Creator, permitted and not forbidden, projects;
  5. aid from the state of the Republic of Serbia.

God intended expenses of VIB IZS

According to Divine Decree number 60 in the 9th chapter of the Qur'an, repentance - et tawbeh:

إنما الصدقالفساكين والعاملين عليهامؤ وفي قلوب والغارمين وفي سبيل لله وابن اللسل فريضة من الله والله عليم حكيم

which in the translation of the meaning reads: "For the Work of God, the funds from the God-binding contributions are exclusively intended for the needy, the poor, the wretched, and the collectors entrusted by the community, and to make one's heart pleasing and agreeable to God, and for liberation from slavery, and for helping the over-indebted , and for purposes on God's path, and for helping a needy traveler, it is so God-binding for you. He is the Knower, the Designer.”
On the basis of this Divine Decree, VIB IZS limits the redistribution of collected funds to the following services, in cooperation with their collaborators in the field, to implement them to the end users:
  1. Charity service IZS merhamet - Serbia: which covers all the needy beneficiaries mentioned in the Decree and by default: the poor, the destitute, the homeless, orphans, widows, the infirm, the over-indebted, the needy pupils and students, the needy spouses, newborns, treatment and burial, and other property-endangered individuals and families. This service covers the work of services intended for treatment, healthcare and burial, and for these purposes it is still in debt with the funds intended from the projects and aid for that purpose;
  2. VIB IZS is in debt with that part of the funds that is intended by the Decree for needs on the "way of Allah", which can be intended for the basic communal needs of needy and poor residents of undeveloped settlements, such as roads, water supply, bridges, and for the construction of all kinds of facilities for the need IZS and its educational, prayer, health, social, cultural, business and other institutions are allocated designated funds from aid, projects for that purpose, as well as allocated income funds from various business operations. For the needs of the Paying Department at VIB IZS, which, based on the Part of the aforementioned Divine Decree By which God Points to "indebted connectors", is in charge of receiving all employees, including employees of IZS of this type, and with funds intended from projects for that purpose;
  3. Scientific-educational-calling service, in charge of the calling part of the service, partly, by means of the decree intended for the needs of those whose hearts should be won over to Allah, partly of those funds which, according to the same decree, are spent in God's way, and means intended from projects and aid for that purpose;
  4. The cultural and media service borrows that part of the funds implied under funds "in the way of Allah" for the cultural and media struggle for the survival of the community and individuals. The service is responsible for conveying, caring for and supervising the values ​​of Allahu Milih in all fields of culture in housing, clothing, spoken and written words, behavior in general, as well as in the field of entertainment and other cultural and media fields. It borrows from VIB IZS with funds intended from projects and aid for that purpose;
  5. The Legal-Political-Security Service - Amanet Srbija is indebted by the Decree with the funds intended "for liberation from slavery", which also includes the provision of legal aid to needy detainees and unjustly sued or convicted prisoners, and the funds designated by the part of the Decree "On God's Path" for security purposes community and its individuals, as well as for the questions and needs of the modern Muslim in the field of legal protection of his human, property and political rights and other issues concerning the security of Muslims in non-Muslim societies. This service is in debt with funds provided from projects and aid for the mentioned and similar purposes;
  6. The Pilgrimage Service, Hajj and Umrah - Serbia, is in charge of that part of the funds that is intended from the pilgrims' payments themselves, as well as from projects and assistance intended for the promotion of this service.
  7. The Commercial Service of IZS - Halal Serbia can, if necessary, borrow from VIB IZS a part of the funds that are designated by the Decree for "God's way" if it is about the necessary improvement of the service and the lack of self-revenue funds, or funds intended from the project and assistance, for the development of this service and services.


During the life of the Prophet, the Muslims, led by him, founded the Waqf and Baytmal - the property service of their community, because the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, appointed deputies for each area and charged him with the obligation to collect all kinds of contributions, whether mandatory or voluntary. . This is because Allah commanded him as our role model and His faithful Messenger to collect the obligatory contributions.

خُذْ مِنْ أَمْوَالِهِمْ صَدَقَةً تُتَتِّرُهُمْ وَتُزَكِّيهِمْ بِهَا وَسَلِّ عَلَيْهِمْ

which in the translation of the meaning means: "My messenger, take from their property, alms - the testimony of their devotion to Allah, in order to cleanse them from the unconquered and remove their sins, and pray to God for them, your prayer for them is humility for them and Allah the Absent Is a Hearing and Knower. "

This institution was maintained and promoted by all the later leaders of the Muslims, the caliphs, trying to meet the needs of the needy people without waiting.
This is the obligation that we, as the Waqf and Bayt Al-Mal at the Presidency of the Islamic Community of Serbia, want, most faithfully, to fulfill.