A word from the director of Awqaf

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
All praise and thanks belong to Allah Almighty.
May Allah’s peace and His mercy be upon the last Messenger of Allah and His Beloved, Muhammad ‘alaihis-salam’.

As a Muslim who is in favor of the Islamic Community of Serbia, I accepted one great emanation, and that is the leadership of the Waqf Directorate – Bayt Al-mal Islamic Community of Serbia exclusively as a volunteer, on a voluntary level, to participate in improving and preserving our Muslim community.

In addition to the already mentioned strategic goals of the directorate, I would like to add my personal vision for the sake of more efficient and safer work of the directorate.

  1. The preservation of the waqf and waqf property should be entrusted to experts, regardless of whether the waqf dates from ancient times (eg the Ottoman period) or is from a more recent period.
  2. Appoint a warden who will have limited competencies in running that endowment, whether it is a mosque or some other facility, or property of the Islamic community of Serbia.
  3. Working with money received from donations, zakat, alms, or income generated by vakuf for-profit companies such as kindergartens, madrasas, faculties, must be transparent; this will be achieved through regular and extraordinary reports on donations, funding, revenues and expenditures.
  4. I will publicly present information about my private companies, ie about the property I own (although I am a volunteer in the Islamic Community of Serbia) and I would suggest that everyone who is employed in the Islamic Community, and whose job is closely related to working with money, do the same. The goal is protection from the abuse of our community.
  5. Invite and give an opportunity to all young Muslims to work in the Islamic community of Serbia and to be active and equal members.

Finally, I address the Muslim Brotherhood, those who are for some reason away from the mosque, Muslims whose foot has not yet stepped into the mosque, as well as those who came and left the mosque disappointed, but also from the Muslim community – do not move away from us because of mistakes of individuals! The establishment of the Waqf Directorate – Bayt Al-mal is just one step out of many that have been made in the past 15 decades and these are steps for the self-confident, tireless and those who do not know how to give up. Our goal is to organize and improve the Islamic community of Serbia, especially its financial flows. I am sure that everyone who wishes our Islamic community well and cares about its prosperity, will get involved in the work and support of the directorate.

Otherwise, those who do not agree with the tasks and goals of the directorate, and who do not want to speak publicly about it, will be invited to present and explain their position.

Director of the Awqaf Directorate – The Muslims’ Treasury Bayt Al-Mal, Musa Abu Sabiah.