Goals and tasks

  1. Equal, fair and transparent redistribution of assets from Bayt Al-Mal to all those in need, to the categories mentioned by Allah  in the Qur’an, That the property is not at the disposal of individuals;
  2. Involve the youth in the work of the community, enable every Muslim (regardless of education, occupation and profession) to publicly express their opinion and position on the work of the community and its plans, provide a chance for each individual to be elected to certain positions within the community;
  3. To teach people that Waqf is the future of our children – every waqf is a chance for tomorrow’s employment of our youth;
  4. Explain the benefits of the waqf – whoever gives is the winner; What he gives becomes permanent alms.
  5. Inventory of all waqf property in the Republic of Serbia;
  6. Entering data of waqf in a single database – information system;
  7. Undertaking activities for the protection of waqf property on the territory of the entire Republic of Serbia and affirmation of waqf as a permanent good;
  8. Monitoring activities on the implementation of the Law on Restitution or Denationalization, etc.
  9. Initiate judicial disputes and administrative procedures to protect endowments before local courts and specialized administrative bodies;
  10. Providing legal aid to the Muslim Community Council regarding endowment properties;
  11. Creating new endowments by stopping real estate, movables and money, and establishing endowments.
  12. Appointing the Multilateral Council and supervising the management of the endowment property;
  13. Supervision over the management and use of waqf property in accordance with waqfnams;
  14. Monitoring the procedures for leasing waqf property;
  15. Supervision and monitoring of the legality of the procedure in the activities of transformation of waqf (exchange and / or sale of endowment real estate for other real estate for the purpose of exchange and / or purchase of other real estate in favor of the endowment, etc.);
  16. Realization of waqf projects aimed at economic strengthening of the Islamic Community, etc.

Sultan Valide Mosque – Sjenica, built in the middle of the 19th century, renovated in 2019.